im back you beautiful people :*

Sooooooo I like to sing sometimes :B ignore my stupid faces & crappy camera - did audio version thats way better but whatevs.

2 notes   -  9 June, 2013

I suck at yooyu ball :l 

this is ridiculous! 

sooo i got this from a craft faerie quest and its cute and all but i don’t have anything to go with it

anyone want to trade?
SSW help!

can someone SSW Quiggle soap for me?!

anyone doing customizations?!

I am stumped. reply if you want to do some!

We’re looking for birthdays!


Hello everyone! As the tag has grown and grown over the time of this blog’s beginning, we need more birthdays! We hope to run the blog much more efficiently now, with more frequent posts and reminders of Neopets bloggers and their birthdays!

We do have a masterlist posting right here, and to be added to it, please send us an ask with:

  1. Your name
  2. Your blog(s) name/URL
  3. Your Neopets username (you may receive a gift or two but this is optional)

Thank you everyone and have a splendid day!

: 200 Follower Giveaway!


Since none of you losers can decide what you want for the giveaway (besides nudes, sorry guys I’m just not comfortable with that :P) I’m gonna just give away some NP. Kay? Kay.


-One like & one reblog. It’s less confusing that way

-If you reblog more than once and I pick your number I…